Outside the Box!

May 1 - May 3, 2012

Why Innovation Is More Crucial in Challenging Times


As we move toward 2012, uncertain times also bring opportunities. History has shown that during recession, or early recovery, success and even survival depends on innovation and new ideas.

The Measuring Up conference, hosted by UCAR, will tackle how we can all develop opportunities and create success in the federal and not-for-profit sectors. How do we think “outside the box,” but within the budget? What fosters new ideas around regulation and compliance? And how best to promote creativity and inspire others?

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Speaker Showcase

Francis Schlosser

Francis Schlosser is the Director of Financial Planning and Treasury at Draper Laboratory.  His time is split between his FP&T role at Draper’s Cambridge, MA headquarters and overseeing the Finance and Administration operations of Draper’s Florida offices.  FP&T is responsible for investment oversight and treasury relationships,

William "Bill" Farris

Bill is the Vice President for Commercialization and Technology Transfer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

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