Bryan Shader

Professor of Mathematics
University of Wyoming

Dr. Shader received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990. He is the Editor-in-chief of Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra. He is also Associate Editor of two other journals: Linear Algebra and its Applications(from 2003) and Linear & Multilinear Algebra(from 2009). Dr. Shader is one of the most active mathematicians working on Combinatorial Matrix Theory. He is also noted for his monograph on Matrices of sign-solvable linear systems. Besides organizing many workshops, he is a Co-PI of the Math Teacher Leadership Program, an NSF project (2009–2014). Dr. Shader works with students at all levels, including high school students, UW undergrads, REU students from across the U.S., in-service math educators who are pursuing an MST, and UW MS and PhD students. Dr. Shader is presently Special Assistant to the Vice-President of Research at the University of Wyoming.


Dr. Shader received the 2005 Burton W. Jones Distinguished Teaching Award from the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America.