*For $50.00 you may attend one of the following three workshops on Tuesday, May 1, from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Export Control Regulations and Compliance

Properly complying with U.S. Export Control regulations is now among the leading compliance concerns among research institutions. As institutions expand their global research endeavors and develop more robust international visitor exchange programs, U.S. Government authorities are increasingly enforcing restrictions on the transfer and access to sensitive technology that may be controlled.

This session is designed to offer a compact and pragmatic overview of export controls. The session will include an overview of the EAR, ITAR and OFAC regulations governing export control; a focus on how these regulations particularly affect research institutions domestically and internationally; discussion about the impact on sponsored research agreements, prime and sub contracts; and a "hands-on" scenario-based workshop designed to identify common export control problems and model pragmatic solutions.

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South Auditorium

Leadership Development

This workshop will describe some of the aspects of a successful leadership development program, from design through execution.  All participants will be able to share experiences, good and bad, with leadership programs, including the difficulties involved in establishing a program for your organization.  The format will be highly interactive.  Presented by a panel of speakers.

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Financial Management Tools

Developing and maintaining systems to manage financial information and to make well-informed decisions is a constant challenge for administration in federally funded environments. How do we determine resource allocations, anticipate opportunities and challenges, and maintain the programmatic and financial health of our organizations?

In this workshop, we will present specific business process reengineering and project management processes that can be used to modernize an organization’s suite of financial management tools.

Continuing our dialog from the previous Measuring Up conferences, we will invite workshop participants to share case studies on their organizations’ projects to implement new financial tools and reporting systems.  Each case study will focus on the challenges, lessons learned, best practices, and alternative approaches used when implementing new tools and systems.

Finally, we will explore effective change management strategies to identify and deal with the elements of change that are unspoken or hard to talk about in highly transformative projects of this nature.

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